Mission and vision 


The mission of SPSN-O is to maximize the fame of Ukraine in the Netherlands and to strengthen relations between the Netherlands and Ukraine in the areas of culture, tradition, education, humanitarian, sports and business. 

SPSN-O fulfills a social task in close collaboration with the Dutch and Ukrainian governments. 

This policy aims to promote the reputation of Ukraine in the Netherlands and of the Netherlands in Ukraine. 


Ukraine is a rapidly developing country within Europe with numerous opportunities in the areas of culture, tradition, economy, education and sports. 

Today's Ukraine is a country of many contrasts, where poverty coexists with wealth and there are few social services for the population. 

Not everyone has health insurance and the pension payment is approximately €70 to a maximum of €100 per month! 

There is certainly a need for humanitarian aid within Ukraine. 

An estimated 6,000 - 8,000 former Ukrainians live in the Netherlands until February 2022, many of whom are married to a Dutch man, and hundreds of companies and foundations that have relations with Ukraine work there. 

There are also dozens of humanitarian associations and foundations that support the population in Ukraine with targeted projects to help reduce the existing shortage of resources, education, etc. 

Since February 2022, it is now estimated that more than 92,000 Ukrainian people have arrived as "refugees", with these people having a status of "Tempore Displaced People". This has given them the opportunity to have a residence and a work permit. This is made known by a sticker from the IND in their Ukrainian passport. 

SPSN-O promotes safe and effective cooperation between various organizations involved at all levels of society, and is active in further developing existing and establishing new partnerships between different organizations. 

Our foundation attaches great importance to providing information and continuous strengthening of existing networks and initiates projects in this context. 

SPSN-O strives to communicate responsibly with different partners - that is, with an eye for different interests. Reliable information remains indispensable at all times and SPSN-O creates the platform for organizations to work safely and as easily as possible in conditions of uncertainty within the current legislation of Ukraine. 

Ukraine will undoubtedly become an increasingly larger and more important business partner of the Netherlands in the future. 

SPSN-O contributes to bringing this future closer. 

SPSN-O in 2023 is an ambitious, goal-oriented and results-oriented foundation, which serves two countries: the Netherlands and Ukraine. 

It is these concepts that donors are offered in order to use the best possible trained and dynamic board as a starting point for their contributions.

We work in accordance with a code of conduct in which integrity and respect form the guiding principles. 

Strategy SPSN-O implements its mission and vision by making optimal use of its position in an existing network, mainly in areas where there is a demand for more information about culture, traditions, humanitarian aid and manners within Ukraine. 

The culinary part of Ukraine also certainly deserves attention; many already know the special dish "Borsch", which is more than just a beetroot soup. 

SPSN-O provides donors and all interested parties with information about Ukraine through social media and sources such as its own website and Facebook page. 

Attention is also drawn to Ukraine on Dutch TV, radio programs and other media thwhen ere is an opportunity. 

SPSN-O develops new projects and, if possible, will organize days within small-scale projects in the field of culture, tradition, humanitarian and sport. 

SPSN-O shows sufficient flexibility and works based on the demand of, among others, (military) hospitals and institutions within Ukraine. 

Philosophy of SPSN-O is: "Communication, empowerment and impact"